Target groups

About this website

This website is dedicated to the interested public, as well as to policy makers, technical experts for wastewater treatment, and scientists, who are interested in advancing wastewater treatment.
KOM-M.NRW aims at informing stakeholders and the public about the complex problems of micropollutants in the environment holistically and comprehensibly. Also, KOM-M.NRW seeks potential solutions and measures for the elimination of micropollutants in water bodies.

Key item: cartographic descriptions

One key item of this website is the spatial description of data on WWTP, hospitals, protection areas, measured concentrations of different micropollutants, and large scale pilot systems designed to improve the elimination of micropollutants on site. Here, multiple data sets, such as the location of WWTP or hospitals can be displayed as single or combined layers.

These maps are constantly being updated with data from our partners and the state of NRW. This allows up-to-date overviews of current local conditions in NRW. Further data is being provided by the spatial information system ELWAS and its evaluation tool ELWAS-WEB.

Introduction to the topic

Readers without detailed prior knowledge will find easy access to the topic of micropollutants at the website chapter “downloads”. Videos describe the background of the topic in point of view of policy makers, economists, the public, and researchers. There is also a brochure on micropollutants, which has been developed together with the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, as well as a brochure on the proper disposal of unused pharmaceuticals.

Technically interested reader

Within the section “project profiles” you will find up-to-date studies and brochures about wastewater treatment with activated carbon and ozonation for micropollutant elimination.

The database “Tatenbank” includes further studies on the topics conducted in NRW and other states. Another database focuses on companies, which offer technical solutions, relevant material, and chemical water analysis in the scope of micropollutant elimination.

Scientifically interested reader

Next to the interactive cartographic analysis on our website, in the section “Tatenbank” you will find detailed research studies on pilot systems and monitoring of micropollutants in surface waters. The two scientific institutions of KOM-M.NRW [IUTA & IWW] will provide expert knowledge for answering questions you might have on micropollutants.

Politically interested reader

The sections videos, news, press release, and the interactive maps allow a quick and comprehensive overview of local and state-wide conditions, e.g. on protection areas, wastewater discharging units, micropollutant concentrations, and status of WWTP, which all together enables an assessment of current conditions and options for action.