Main topics

In 2014, the state of NRW renewed the mandate for KOM-M.NRW to promote the state-wide, national, and international knowledge exchange in order to develop strategies and measures to lessen the entry of micropollutants into the environment. This includes further studies on research and technical measures as well as studies on the toxicological impact of micropollutants.

Additionally, information and sensitization of the general public is regarded as an important topic. By developing and providing comprehensible information not only experts from the water sector and policy but also citizens are being addressed.

The cooperation with similar institutions, such as the competence centre for micropollutants in Baden-Württemberg (KomS) and the VSA-platform „Verfahrenstechnik Mikroverunreinigungen” in Switzerland allows the exchange of experiences and knowledge besides underlining the international relevance of the topic.

The coordination of topics related to micropollutants on the municipal level, and the transfer of relevant studies into technical guidelines is conducted together with DWA NRW.